Small Business Coaching


Business Coach Bart Davis from Florence, AL

Bart takes a grassroots 360 Degree Marketing approach once he takes on an account that joins the coaching program. He is not some self-proclaimed business guru he has over 20 years of experience in building companies from the ground up or brands that he takes over to turn those companies into brands that are extremely profitable and leads a strong marketing approach to continued success after he sells or builds his customers team.

Step 1

The first step to building a successful brand is to dig down deep into your business plan and answer some questions. For example WHY? which is Bart's favorite to coach. He sometimes will turn down customers for the simple fact that the prospect, he feels is not willing to run his or her business with a purpose.

Step 2

Once Bart and his team help discover the Why? they will brainstorm with you to talk about goals, expectations, advertising budgets, marketing strategy, time frame, and commitment.

Step 3

Once we have a good idea of what our customers want and after our research, if we feel like they would be a good fit for our team we design a marketing proposal.

Step 4

We schedule a meeting via Zoom or an interview meeting at our marketing training studio in Florence, AL located inside View 360 Marketing Agency suite.

Step 5

After the interview, if both sides are comfortable moving forward for the small business coaching service then we create a schedule, agreement, and task to start working on the service for you.

Note: By filling out the request for a service interview does not guarantee that Bart and his team will take on the project. If we are not a good fit then we will be honest and point you in the right direction.