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Bart Davis - CEO View 360 Marketing

The Beginning

Our story started back on Oct 15, 2005, the day I purchase my first business. Well, I thought that was the day but now I know that I really started marketing when I was just old enough to walk. But that's a different story for a different time. (Podcast Episode 1 coming soon)

I've always been a tech guy if you want to call it that. Technology has always been interesting to me. In 2005 I was so excited to let people know about the business I researched, studied books, read articles, and I'm guessing watched over 1,000 hours of YouTube videos to learn how to get people to buy from my business.

Fast forward 16 years and we're still in the internet marketing world (honestly not sure what else would be more appropriate). We try different things all the time: advertising on Facebook or Google or Bing; SEO; email marketing; video marketing; blogging--you name it!

I'm witty and come off as charming when the opportunity arises because these are two qualities that have helped me out tremendously in life so far - not to mention they're just fun!

Fast Forward 16 years since the company was formed...

In May 2021, after prayers, interest from my network requests from friends to do their marketing, be their coach, train their team, help them with their ideas. They must see something that they value and maybe I do have the knowledge, platform, and the ability to change someone's life. I often wondered if the time was right to start providing my years of experience to others.

It was one Sunday at Faith Church that I felt a calling to serve others from a message from our Lead Pastor Steve Husky about doing what you love and using your gifts to reach others. Humbled by events in the last 2 years made me question my purpose, my talent, my calling, my gift, and I questioned when is the best time? That time is NOW!!!

View 360 Marketing is born

We are excited to announce that we have a studio at 3115 Northington Ct in Florence, AL 35630. The Studio is full of training rooms for our clients, a green room for video and podcast productions, modern office space with all the fun stuff like Shuffle Board, Free Coffee, Snacks, Drinks (of course), smart boards (we're experts at multi-tasking), webcams (for those Skype sessions!), Netflix & MLB Network - perfect for when your CEO needs a break from work!

The reason behind this new addition is simple: We want to be able to provide an enriching environment where people can come together and learn.

We are a group of talented people who love what they do. We have been on the ground, in your shoes, and know-how to get you results!

I am one of those guys that can't help but put my heart into everything I do. I don’t just work here; this is my life and passion. This is more than a job for me - it's about family and friends, and the relationships we create with our clients through quality care.

What we do

View 360 Marketing is a company that specializes in marketing at all levels of the buying process. It is important to us that we cover every step of the journey from prospect to purchase and post-purchase activity. From attracting leads, promoting products or services, selling products or services, to post-sale marketing. We are able to do this through our creative team, strategic planning team, and analytics department.

Marketing is a lot like life. You have to know your audience, understand their needs and desires, and produce the best product you can to meet those needs. The goal of View 360 Marketing is to help businesses do just that by giving them a marketing plan that covers all aspects of a business's journey from prospect to purchase and post-purchase activity. We want our clients' products or services are seen in as many places as possible for maximum reach - so we provide traditional marketing techniques such as SEO optimization, PPC campaigns, social media management, email marketing campaigns - but also focus on digital content creation (web content development), video production for YouTube/Facebook/Instagram, etc., events promotion & sponsorships, etc., advertising design & merchandising.

In this age of change, many companies are left scratching their heads wondering what they need to do. I get it! It can be overwhelming and confusing.

I’ve been there before too!

I remember the day that my company realized that we had to think differently in order to survive in a world with changing technology and new competition.

We knew things had to change but didn’t know where or how?

We were so busy trying not to go out of business by doing more of what we did yesterday when something happened...we decided to take the plunge and CHANGED the way we did business.

Let's talk TRUTH, doing business in 2021 and beyond is completely different than every year before now!

In a nutshell, we are consultants. We work with business owners to help them grow their companies by using the newest ways of reaching future growth.

We also train people on how to be successful in this new way of doing things.

If we were to summarize what we do in a couple of sentences it would go something like this.

We are a digital marketing agency, and we love working with small businesses. Our team is here to help you grow your business, attract new clients, and simplify the chaotic world of online marketing. We offer a variety of services including business coaching, team training, graphic design work for websites and social media posts, digital advertising campaigns across multiple platforms (Facebook Ads!), website design/development/hosting on our proprietary software tools that include all the tools you need to run your business from start-to-finish with no additional costs or headaches.

We're here for you!

"I love to work hard and I never stop until the job is done. My motto is "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right." If you need help with anything from Point of sale, video production, social media management, PR, Payments, Apps, or Promotional Printing to social media influencer development we can offer anything that helps you reach your business goals with our network of partners we have vetted and hired the best talent for outsourcing with our team watching over the project." Bart Davis - CEO View 360 Marketing Agency

We are excited to change some lives this year and the years to come!

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Bart Davis - CEO View 360 Marketing

Founder and CEO

Bart Davis grew up in the small north Alabama town of Red Bay with his two brothers and twin sister. From an early age, entrepreneurship came naturally to him. His first job was a week before his 13th birthday at his uncle's grocery store where he learned that by watching others do a job he could do that same job without having to ask for permission as long as he did the job correctly.

Bart entered high school and earned a football...

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Our Story

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Our Culture

At View 360 Marketing Agency, we believe we have the best work culture in the business.

We have created a fun, energetic, honest, and team-building approach to marketing businesses. We love what we do and I'm confident that you will see that when you visit our office. Loving what we do is just some of the things we believe in about our culture that make it the best in the business.

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