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Website 360 Features

Content Management

Pre-configured Content Sections

Start with one of our 20+ pre-configured content sections or build your own with any combination of image galleries, videos, or text blocks.

Unlimited Bandwidth & Storage

Add years worth of blog posts, embed videos, upload images, and you’ll still never run out of space for your content.

Unlimited Pages to Showcase

Add as many pages as you need. Nest them in drop-down menus, or hide them in your navigation to link to or use later.

Content Integration

Our collections platform allows seamless integration of your existing content sources directly into websites.


Include your YouTube, Vimeo, or Kickstarter videos on any page of your website by copying and pasting the embed code.

Images & Galleries

Add unlimited images to your galleries, then quickly design and customize their layout so every single one looks great on the page.

In-line Text Editing

Simply highlight any copy in the design panel and type away.

Password Protection

Easily password-protect pages or entire sections of your website.


Showcase your products anywhere on your website.


Play your music on any page within your website by simply embedding audio tracks from Spotify, Bandcamp, or SoundCloud.

Social Feeds

Stay up to speed with search engines and connected to customers by pulling your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feeds.


Our menu blocks automatically format content and include your item title, description, and price.


Websites 360® offers Google Custom Search that adds a search box to your site to help people find what they need on your website.


Help users find you by integrating your address and adding Google Maps to your website. Help customers find you.


Easily add a button to your website and then customize the text, color, and shape to fit your design.


Set up appointments, offer registration for events, and learn more about your customers by creating forms with Wufoo or Formstack.

Email Subscription

Build an email list with your preferred email marketing platform. Place the field on any page and watch your subscriptions grow.

Anchor Links

Allow users to leap to a specific point on a website page, making page navigation easier.


Use our code blocks to input custom code.

SMS Text Links

Initiate a text message from a link on your website.


Responsive Designs

Every website created on the Websites 360® platform is completely responsive and scales across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices seamlessly.

Beautiful Templates

Start with one of our professionally designed templates and customize it to make it your own.

Background Image Controls

Background images can be added at a sitewide, page and now block-level giving you even greater design control.


Fade, zoom or slide content using different animation styles.

Drop Shadows

Use shadows to add depth to objects throughout your website.


Produce smooth color transitions that add visual impact.

Parallax Scrolling

Background images glide below your floating content as users scroll up and down.

Layout Options

Switch up the look of your whole website or just a page with a couple of clicks.

Columns & Containers

Feature specific content and highlight images by designing containers, adding drop shadows, or creating a grid.

Free Typekit Fonts

Our partnership with Typekit allows you to add the highest quality fonts to your website.

Spacing Controls

Customize the line, character, and word spacing of the text on your website.

Padding Controls

Advanced padding controls allow for more design customization of your website.


Websites 360® offers Google Custom Search that adds a search box to your site to help people find what they need on your website.

Save Designs

Save your designs every step of the way. Your hard work is safe with us.

Restore Last Published Design

Not sure about some changes? Restore your website to the last version that you published.

Reset to "Sitewide"

Easily reset any page-level design change to your global settings with a single click.

Mobile Settings

Customize the mobile navigation and mapping settings of your already responsive website.

Custom Favicon

Display your own custom Favicon in a supporting browser's address bar.

Custom CSS

Use Custom CSS with any template design through our built-in editor.


Responsive Images

As you upload images, Websites 360® generates scaled versions of each original file so that the right image size loads for every device.


Drag images directly from your desktop onto your browser to add or replace images.

Image Categorization

All images added to your website are auto-categorized and saved in the image library.

Image SEO

Easily add titles, descriptions, and tags to every image on your website.

Hover Effects

Add impactful effects to your images when users roll over them with their mouse.

Fast Image Serving

Websites 360® host your images and reduce load times by utilizing content delivery networks (CDN) around the globe.


Gallery Blocks

Websites 360® Gallery Blocks offer multiple presentation styles for your images, including slideshows, stacked, and grid layouts.

Grid Layouts

Decide how you want to set up your images using one of our multiple grid options and adjust the columns and spacing to make it just right.

Carousel Gallery

Images smoothly shift along a horizontal path onto the screen creating a stunning layout for your images.

Thumbnail Galleries

Utilize automatically generated thumbnail images to navigate your amazing images.

Lightbox Presentation

Present beautiful, full-sized imagery with just one click with our integrated lightbox functionality.


Crop images to perfect squares for a consistent look across your gallery.


Multiple transition effects are available in each gallery along with the ability to control delay and speed.

Video Galleries

Engage website visitors by adding YouTube or Vimeo videos and let your video content take center stage.

Customizable Galleries

Choose from dozens of styles, arrows, layouts, and more with our highly customizable galleries.

Third-party Apps

Social Connections

Stay connected to customers and current search engines by pulling your social feeds right into your website.

Social Links

Let your visitors find and follow you on every major network with social links built into your site design.

Analytics Providers

Quickly add Marketing 360®, Google Analytics, Clicky, GoSquared, StatCounter, and more to track your website traffic.

Commenting Systems

Choose from the top commenting platforms including Disqus, IntenseDebate, and LiveFyre to power your online conversations.

Forms Integration

Add your Marketing 360® CRM forms directly into your Websites 360® website. No coding is required.

Email Capture

Grow your email list with newsletter subscription forms on your website using Marketing 360® email marketing.

Website Management & More

Homepage Assignment

Easily make any page the homepage of your website.

Design Panel

Use our integrated design tool to navigate and set your site’s look and feel.

Auto Save

Don’t lose your progress; our content management system saves automatically.

Custom CSS

Add custom CSS to any of your designs through our intuitive code editor.


View traffic and site status reporting at the touch of a button.

User & Organizational Controls

Unlimited Contributors

Set permissions for each contributor to your site using the Website Manager.

Roles Management

Easily manage roles, change ownership, user access, and more from one dashboard.

Multiple Site Management

Access and manage multiple Websites 360® sites at once using a single login.

Login with 3rd Party Services

Use Facebook or Google login information to create and link accounts.

Multiple Payment Options

Add multiple credit cards to easily apply the payment to all your different websites.

Customized Billing Tools

Organizations that manage multiple websites can charge customers directly or let Websites 360® handle the billing.


Websites 360® notifications quickly let you know when there's activity related to your website.

Administrative Privileges

Add, copy, suspend, or remove websites from your business organization.

Activity Reporting

Get reports on activity within your organization. View and access franchise or branch websites through your own custom control panel.

Bulk Actions

Add users or perform other tasks across multiple websites at once.

Search Engine Optimization Support

We’re experts on best practices for SEO. Our approach to structured content leverages industry-standard principles.

Advanced SEO Tools

Our SEO tools allow you to quickly add title tags, descriptions, keywords, and image alt text to your website.

Microdata and Rich Snippets

All Websites 360® websites automatically include microdata to help search engines use data from your webpage to provide a richer browsing experience.

Automatic Google Sitemaps

Websites 360® automatically generates and links a proper sitemap.xml that enumerates every single URL on your website.

Automatic Tagging

To improve search engine indexing, all pages contain proper title tags.

Canonical URLs

Help prevent duplicate content issues by telling search engines which page should be credited as the original with our simple tool.

Legacy URLs

Make sure you never lose a visitor to a 404 error by redirecting no longer existent pages to active sections of your website.

Modern designs for all industries

Start with one of our professional designs for your industry or create your own. Everything can be customized to fit your brand and style.

We work hard to use our knowledge of our website Search engine tools to build your small business a site that not only looks good but actually makes you money.


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